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The integral development of the human being, is when the human being discovers his full potential and above all the authentic happiness of living in this world

All the wonderful moments of life are related to achieving that great coordination between the human being and everything existential; that is, to achieve that harmony between the human being and all of nature

All human development, is to achieve in life to reach the highest levels of development; the human being, has three totally dimensionless parts; that is, the human being has the ability to discover three dimensional worlds

The first dimensional world is the 3D dimensional world, the 3D dimensional world is everything we see, everything that surrounds us; our planet earth and the entire universe is defined in 3D our first great challenge as part of achieving our integral development of life, will be to achieve authentic success

The second dimensional world that is above a 3D dimensional world is the emotional dimensional world, all human emotions are the only ones that can access the emotional dimensional world, the second great challenge of the human being as part of achieving the integral development of life , it will be knowing and living authentic happiness

The third and last dimensional world that the human being can get to know will be the spiritual dimensional world; but, in this spiritual dimensional world, only the spiritual part of it has access and will have as the last and great challenge of life, develop the ability to gain access to authentic eternal glory

It will be understood as integral development of life, getting to know authentic success, authentic happiness and authentic eternal glory

the human being is made up of three fundamental parts, the tangible bodily part, the intangible emotional part and the very intangible spiritual part. To achieve an integral development of life, you must come to know success, happiness and eternal glory